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Austin-native architect showcases @ Cool House Tour

I went to elementary, middle, and high school with Christopher Tyler Cobb. We grew up in Barton Hills (before it was cool), did cub scouts, cross-city bussing, driver’s licenses, graduation, and generally enjoyed good times.

Turns out Chris is one of the Greenest, most innovative residential architects out there, and — my childhood friend is showcasing a home at this weekend’s Cool House Tour.

His 5 Star rated home is “5004 Delores Ave.”

Couple of Thoughts:

1. Support Local Architects

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Zero Waste Survey

Just a reminder: you have until June 30th to participate in the Zero Waste

Joyce Basciano, VP (Programs)

Austin Neighborhoods Council


What’s your take on Zero Waste?

The City of Austin recently passed a resolution approving Zero Waste as a
comprehensive way to manage the nearly one million pounds of waste going
into our landfills each year. To achieve Zero Waste goals, the City is
striving for a 20% reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfills by
2012, a 75% reduction by 2020, and a 90% reduction by 2040. In order to

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Chick Crazy

You can hear them even if you don’t necessarily see them all over town these days. Neighborhoods that once greeted dawn with the dulcet tones of doves or grackles stirring are now full of the morning-heralding songs of roosters. Seems lots of folks have been bitten by the backyard-chicken bug.

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Internship: Sustainable Food Center

Submitted by Jess Guffey

08/24/2009 (All day) – 12/17/2009 (All day)
Sustainable Food Center
1106 Clayton Lane
Austin, TX, 78723
Sustainable Food Center Placement Opportunity: Practicum/Internship (unpaid)
Fall 2009 and/or Spring 2010

Farm to School and Food-Systems Education – Sprouting Healthy Kids project Food Systems Educator

Project Description:

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Central Texas Environmental Policy Events for June 22-28, 2009

Central Texas Environmental Policy Events for June 22-28, 2009

What is this? For those interested in environmental policy at the local level, this post enumerates all of this week’s meetings having an effect on environmental policy. Please attend as many as you can and help move the green agenda forward!


MONDAY: The City Council will hold a swearing-in ceremony in the afternoon and a party (with WC Clark!) in the evening.

MONDAY: The Save Barton Creek Association will hear an update on the Austin Clean Water Program.

TUESDAY: Travis County will issue a resolution of support for a project to deliver water from the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer (Burleson Co) to Eastern Travis County.

TUESDAY: The Capital Area Workforce Board will host an informational meeting about the Pecan Street Project and how you can get involved.

TUESDAY: The Planning Commission looks at the ordinance to tighten up the water quality pond standards, considers historic zoning for Walter Long/Janet Fish’s homestead, and hears two controversial PUD applications, South Shore and The Park.

TUESDAY: The Parks and Recreation Commission hears a recommendation on cleaning up the abandoned landfill behind the Toys R Us at 360/Lamar.

WEDNESDAY: CTRMA holds its first meeting with its new Chairman Ray Wilkerson.

WEDNESDAY: The Austin-Bastrop River Corridor Partnership Meeting meets to discuss the future of the river corridor east of Longhorn Dam and in Bastrop County.

WEDNESDAY: The Austin Neighborhoods Council hosts Greg Meszaros from the Austin Water Utility and Bill Bunch from SOS to speak on water infrastructure and conservation.

THURSDAY: The Austin Environmental Community holds an EcoChange Exchange forum to welcome in the new City Council and educate them about our environmental priorities.

THURSDAY: The local CNU chapter holds a one-day forum on “Great Public Spaces”

THURSDAY: The City of Austin will present the draft East Riverside Corridor Draft Plan and take citizen feedback.

THURSDAY: Travis County talks about the Lege session and how it went (HINT: not very well).

SATURDAY: Is the cedar responsible for the ills of the Hill Country? Elizabeth McGreevy hosts a presentation in Dripping Springs to explain the good and bad of ash junipers.

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Fave posts from the week, #2

from my news-feed-experiment:

1. “America’s most fuel efficient man”
Professor Andy Frank (UC Davis) been retrofitting cars, trucks & SUVs since the mid-90s, with plug-in hybrid technology. His vehicles routinely get over 100 MPG. About 2 years ago the City of Austin began a campaign to promote plug-EVs for municipal use… Thanks Andy!

2. “America’s hippest farmers”

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Austin EcoNetwork Members we need your feedback on the Eco-Change Exchange Issues!


FROM: Lisa Fithian

Welcome Austin’s New City Council in an:
Eco-Change Exchange
Thursday, June 25th
5:30 – 9:00 PM at City Hall

Help Chart A New Direction for A Sustainable Future in Austin!

Join dozens of Austin environmental groups in welcoming the newly inaugurated Austin City
Council. In this time of economic and environmental crisis, we have an opportunity to reshape
our future, now. Our community is coming together to make Austin a model of a sustainable

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Job: Product Development Coordinator

Austin Energy is hiring a Product Development Coordinator to work with energy-efficiency programs. See the full job description at

Open until July 5

Contact Information
Contact Name: Carol Harwell
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 512-322-6562

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Albedo Austin

As I was walking home along one of our boiling black asphalt streets this afternoon, I got to thinking about albedo. If all of our streets were white, they would reflect the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere, rather than trapping it down here with us on an already hot summer day.

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