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Austin Climate Protection Annual Report

From: “Petersen, Sascha \”Alexander\”” <>

The Climate Protection Program just finished our Annual Report. It has been submitted to the City Manager and the City Council and can also be found under the “What’s New” section of our website.

Alexander (Sascha) Petersen

Austin Climate Protection Program
(512) 482-5422

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Reducing the cost of solar

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS – Chemical engineering students are experimenting
with technology that could reduce the cost of a solar array from more
than $20,000 to less than $2,000
. View Austin American Statesman article:

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Ronda’s Organic Gardening School

fun and tasty —

My good friend Allison Supancic hipped me to
Ronda’s amazing Montessori school earlier today
and I wanted to share. There are quite a few
choices for green parents in Austin, but Ronda’s
is probably the only school certified organic since 1995.

Summer camps are currently open for children
ages 2 to 4, visit


Also of note, The Green Parent (web resource). Events,
education, tips, and activities for greening families.

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Save Heritage Trees at Barton Springs

From: SusanBright <>

I would like to announce a new website built to provide information about saving the Barton Springs Heritage Trees, links to relevant documents and a calendar of upcoming meetings. To facilitate citizen communication with Council and public officials, the site is set up so that you can easily read, send, endorse and add comments of your own to letters about this evolving community issue.

Sign up to get updates share your input.

New information, events, details come in every day.
Help is needed.

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1/2 time job posting: watershed outreach

The City of Austin, Watershed Protection and Development Review Dept. has an opening for a ½ time Conservation Program Coordinator who will job share on a wide variety of outreach responsibilities. If you know anyone who might be interested in applying, please share it with them!

You can find the posting at

Sara Heilman
Water Quality Education
City of Austin, Watershed Protection Dept
512.974.3540 (wk) 512.466.6798 (c)
512.974.2846 (fx)

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Texas–Where Everything’s Bigger (including emissions)

“If Texas were its own country, it would rank sixth out of 184 countries in the world in total [greenhouse gas] emissions, trailing just China, Russia, Germnay [sic], Japan, and the United Kingdom,” says a Greenpeace report released May 27.


Katherine Gregor reports briefly on this in the Chronicle here,
although it’s oddly inaccurate.

You can read Greenpeace’s own article on the United States and Texas’ disproportionate share of greenhouse gas emissions here:

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Eating for Sustainability

Agriculture uses 3 times as much potable water as all other forms of human consumption, COMBINED. A full 80% of the water we use in the US is for agriculture. Organic agriculture uses 30%-50% less water than conventional ag. Agriculture also consumes more oil than any other activity except for driving. 400 gallons of oil per year per citizen is consumed for our food. Only 20% of that is from seed to harvest. The rest is in transportation.

You really can make a huge difference for Sustainability just by what you eat. Here are 10 great ways to eat for Sustainability:

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Contact CAMPO on Proposed SW45

From: “Craig Miller” <>

Prevent Gridlock on Mopac: Act Now to Stop the Aquifer Toll Road
Do we need more highway lanes over the Barton Springs Recharge Zone? Elected
officials who sit on the board of CAMPO, our local transportation planning
agency, are considering the proposed extension of State Highway 45
Southwest, a 4 to 6 lane toll road that would connect the southern end of
Mopac to FM 1626 and I-35. They will make a decision on Monday, June 8th.

This highway extension would be on top of the Barton Springs Recharge Zone,

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