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Solar Power Shines In Austin - Now Double It!

Austin City Council's vote on October 1st was groundbreaking - authorizing 300 MW West Texas Solar - roughly one full solar panel or 300 watts of solar for every citizen in the Austin area.

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"Shades of Green" Environmental Talk Radio on KOOP 91.7 (Austin Climate Resolution, the Paris Climate Talks, & the Pope's Encyclical)

Join us for this week's "Shades of Green", Austin's only live green talk radio program, on KOOP 9

John Hoffner (Producer) Stacy Guidry (Co-host) Reed Sternberg (Co-host)
Contact Information
KOOP Community Radio
3823 Airport Blvd. Suite B
Austin, TX
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Austin City Council Meeting-Vote on 300 MW Additional Solar

Thu, 10/15/2015 - 10:00am

Austin's city council made history last week, approving the city's largest solar power contract ever. Austin Energy now has the go-ahead t

Austin City Hall Austin, TX 78731
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