Support Austin EcoNetwork

Austin EcoNetwork is dedicated to fostering sustainability for Austin and the Environment.  Since 2003, we have evolved from a simple listserv to an interactive website.  As our network grows, we provide more services to more people.  Your support is needed to help us build and sustain this virtual home for all green-minded citizens, groups, and businesses. 

Your gift as a founding member, partner, or sponsor allows us to:

  • Create more functionality and interactivity on the website
  • Participate in and sponsor on the ground events in the community
  • Sustain our daily operations including the daily newsletter and keeping the site up-to-date
  • Focus on connecting with and bringing more resources to the Austin community
  • Create new features on the website including Maps, Directories, Featured Green Leaders, Library of resources and local information

If you use the Austin EcoNetwork and like what we do, let us know by supporting us as we grow. 

Join us as a Founding Member

Membership with Austin EcoNetwork funds our day-to-day operations including finding the freshest local information and events, keeping the website functional, and connecting Austinites both on and off line. 

Become a founding member! Support the development and operations of the Austin EcoNetwork and get the following benefits:

$36: Annual member, Founding Member sticker (available only this year). Add GoLocal card for $9-> $45 total

$100: Annual member, Founding Member sticker, GoLocal card, website recognition, waive 1 event fee

$250: Annual member, Founding Member sticker, GoLocal card, website recognition, 2 event fees waived, +1/2 off, partnership gift

$1000: Annual member, Founding Member sticker, GoLocal card, website recognition, VIP admission at all Austin EcoNetwork events for one year, partnership gift

Join us as a Partner

Partnerships are available for community groups, non profits, government entities or businesses that are working toward a more sustainable future.  Please see the Partnership page for more information.

Join us as a Sponsor

Sponsorships are available for citizens or businesses that want to see all or part of a project to fruition.  Please contact us with your thoughts on how you would like to see your sponsorship put into action.

Upcoming projects include:

  • On the ground networking events
  • Website features (Green Maps, Job Listings, Forums, EcoDirectory, EcoLeaders, and more)
  • Events including expos, festivals, forums and happy hours

Give your time or special skills

We are currently looking for help in the following areas:

  • PHP and Drupal development
  • Legal help
  • Web design
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Grant Research and Application
  • Outreach and Networking


Please Contact us at 512-939-9776 or