Feeding 5000 People… With Wasted Food

Feeding the 5000 Austin

Sponsored Post – from Austin Resource Recovery

We all know that there is no shortage of amazing food in Austin. And yet, each year we toss out tons of it– at a huge cost to our community, wallet, and planet.

Enter Feeding the 5000.

Feeding the 5000 is a global event series that is designed to shine a light on the global food waste crisis and to empower consumers to make informed decisions about buying and using food. About 40 percent of the food produced is this country is wasted while 1 in 6 people within the United States are food insecure. That’s a problem.

Feeding the 5000 is coming to Austin on Thursday, October 19th from 11am to 2pm on the south lawn of the Texas State Capitol building. Volunteers will be serving up a delicious lunch (for 5,000 people) sourced entirely from fresh, quality produce that would have otherwise been wasted. The entire event is free and open to the public! More info>>

Want to help make this event a reality? Feeding the 5000 is looking for volunteers to help chop vegetables and rescue food from the landfill. You can sign up here>>

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