How do Austin’s electricity prices stack up?

Solar Panel

Austin Energy residential customers have the second lowest energy bills in the state. That’s according to the latest federal data, which shows that the an¬†Austin Energy customer (with average electricity use) spent $97 a month on their electricity bill in 2015, compared to the state average of $136 a month.

So why does Austin have these lower bills? In a press release, Austin Energy said that its relatively low prices are the result of decades of work increasing the energy efficiency of Austin’s existing and new housing stock.

Keeping Austin Energy prices low has been a key priority for the city. Not only is it important for affordability, but it also helps to prove that it is possible for a utility to make the switch to renewable energy. Austin Energy is a national leader in renewable energy adoption, with a goal to get 55 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2025. With these ambitious goals, the city has always stressed the need to keep electricity prices amongst the lowest in the state. More info>>

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