Introducing the Waste Wizard!

EcoSort Game
EcoSort Game from Texas Disposal Systems

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Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) now offers Waste Wizard, a customized waste collection reminder tool for residential customers across Central Texas. Available on both TDS’ website and Facebook page, the TDS Waste Wizard tool allows customers to stay up-to-date on all of their services and schedule changes via push notifications and calendar reminders. The tool also provides up-to-date information about waste sorting, service alerts and even a kid-friendly interactive game.


Residential customers can sign up to receive collection day reminders via email, phone call or text message. Customers can also sync their schedule to their digital calendar or mobile device, ensuring they’ll never forget their collection day.

Service Alerts

In addition to collection schedules, residential customers can be notified of any service interruptions with the help of the Waste Wizard. The Service Alerts feature informs customers in real-time of any disruptions, such as a delay or rescheduled service due to inclement weather or route issues.

What Goes Where?

Thanks to the Waste Wizard, TDS customers also never have to worry about where to place their solid waste. With the Waste Wizard’s “What Goes Where?” feature, TDS customers can find exactly where to sort their waste item. The Waste Wizard will confirm which waste cart the item should be placed, and offer solutions for items that TDS does not accept. 

Waste Wizard

Waste Sorting Game

Finally, the Waste Wizard tool features a Waste Sorting Game, Eco Sort, designed to teach proper disposal techniques. The game allows customers of all ages to complete five levels of waste sorting, build their own virtual park and print a certificate of completion.

The Waste Wizard tool is the newest way TDS is partnering with and educating local communities about managing resources in an environmentally friendly way. By using a digital format, the Waste Wizard tool enables TDS to reduce the amount of paper calendars printed, cut down on pollution from manufacturing and delivery, and divert material away from the landfill.

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