Save In.gredients


Austin’s favorite zero waste grocery store needs your help.

In.gredients is one of only a handful of zero waste grocers in the world, sending only about five pounds of trash to the landfill each month. They also employ a “triple bottom line” business model – an ethos that aligns people, planet and profit – to build a stronger and more viable local food system, keeping nearly 70 percent of money spent at their shop in the local economy.

But right now, the future of the store hangs in the balance. Last year was their best yet, but property taxes also doubled in that same period. “Combined with a number of other economic factors at year end,” in.gredients explained in an email, “they were met with a choice: cash in the last of their savings to shutdown, or risk staying open long enough to turn the corner. ”

In the end, they decided to go all in and are launching an Indiegogo campaign next month with the goal of raising $30,000. To kick things off, in.gredients will be hosting a launch party on Friday, February 3rd from 5pm to 9pm at their storefront at 2610 Manor Road. There will be live music, local vendors, and plenty of food samples… so save the date! More info>>

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