Team Carpool: Stories of Alternative Transportation in Austin

Meet Amber, Melissa, Laura, and Chad. They’re part of an elite team here in Austin, a carpooling team. 

And they couldn’t be happier doing it. 

Want to start a carpooling team of your very own? Check out these great tips, compiled from NetSpend employees:

1. Try out local apps RideScout and Carma. Both make it easy to find fellow carpoolers near you. 

2. Ask your boss to facilitate carpooling groups at the office by collecting employee zip codes and connecting coworkers who live in the same area. Sometimes all it takes is a little push in the right direction to get you motivated.

3. Once you’ve found a stellar carpooling team of your very own, find a central meeting location that works for all of you. The NetSpend carpoolers use a Target parking lot as their meetup location. Then they all get into one person’s car and make the full commute to the office. This prevents the driver from having to stop at each person’s house, saving time for everyone.

4. Keep the lines of communication open. Create a group text message thread and use that to notify each other of any scheduling changes.

5. Be flexible. Understand that everyone’s schedules are different and be willing to adjust yours from time to time to make the carpooling team work.

6. Have fun! Enjoy the new friendships and take pride in the fact that you are helping to reduce Austin’s traffic woes.


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