Tell Rayovac to Get Responsible on Recycling: Sign the Petition

Texas Campaign for the Environment (TCE) has targeted the battery maker Rayovac for about 10 months now, pressing them to take back their batteries for recycling. Despite thousands of letters and other pressure put on them by the public, they have continued to tell consumers that batteries ought to be thrown in the trash. Products designed for the dump are unacceptable; we need your help in a new effort to tell Rayovac it’s time to shape up.

Check out our petition, and tell Rayovac to take back their batteries!

Three of the four largest battery makers publicly support producer takeback for batteries, Rayovac does not. Not only this, they tell their US customers to throw their batteries into the trash and their UK customers to recycle their batteries because throwing them into landfills is “harmful to the environment and a waste of resources.” They know that trashing batteries is a bad idea, but they tell customers to do it anyway. This is unacceptable.

Take action to make Rayovac change: sign the online petition now!

This petition will help us spread the message about Rayovac across the country, and educate the public about the fact that even in this day and age there are big companies fighting even the most basic recycling policies. You can help us spread the word. After you sign the petition,

1.     Share a message and link on your Facebook wall ( makes it super easy to share on social media!)

2.     Post a link to the petition ( on Twitter featuring the hashtag #takeitbackrayovac

3.     Email your friends and family with a link and more info

4.     Are you on listservs with folks sympathetic to this cause? Send an email out there too!

The further and wider we can spread this story, the more likely we are to reach our goals and the more pressure we put on Rayovac to make a change. Help us spread the word and develop real solutions for battery recycling today!

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