Thanks for attending one or more of the Winter Series of Talks – See you next year – Or, maybe in the Fall?

Thanks to all the wise and nice folks that attended one or more of the APG – Austin Permaculture Guild – Winter Series of talks. These weekly talks at the Habitat Suites Hotel are supplements to the class time and site visits of the APG Permaculture Course which happen on Saturdays from Jan. – early April. They are also a chance for the Permaculture community to gather and welcome guests and spread the word of what Permaculture is and can do for our local environment and our tortured planet. They are open to the public, all are welcome, and newcomers are encouraged.

We will start another Winter Series in January, 2013 and may be persuaded to do a mini-series during the APG Fall Permaculture Course. So keep us in mind, mark your mental calendars to be on the look-out for the new schedule. To meet the needs and to keep the Winter Series up-to-date and vital, we would like your feedback on the season just completed and your input in planning the season to come. Below is listed the talks for this past season with a place provided for you to vote and comment (say you loved it & why; what would be better; or, that it could be replaced with a new topic – for instance). There are also several lines for you to write in your suggestions for new topics for next season – please put in a title/subject, a possible speaker(s), and maybe a link on the subject. So, here's what was – thanks for your feedback and your input for new sessions. Please reply to this email, using the spaces for your comments – please use additional pages for more comments.

Thank you for your participation and your help. Please consider taking the Fall Permaculture Design Course – there is info on www.austin and Jenny would be happy to answer your questions –

2012 Winter Series of Talks  – Name                                        Loved it, Liked it, Fix it, with what?, Replace it, with what? 

-Intro to PC – PC & You – Dick Pierce                              ——————————————————-

-PC-Global Gardener – Video w' Bill Mollison                        —————————————————-

-Texology – Geology, Hydrology, Ancient Hist., Climate       —————————————————–

-The Next Indus. Revolution – Bill McDonough – Video         —————————————————–

-Local Food #1 – The Producers: Farms, Gardens, CSA's        —————————————————

-Local Food #2 – The Markets, Distrib., Restaurants, Inst's.    —————————————————   

-Other Stories to Be In – Other Cultures, Times, Places, Ways ————————————————–

-Restoring Soil & Water – Soil/Water Expert, Gary Freeborg  —————————————————-

-PC & Alternate Finance – Invisible Structures – Re-Localize —————————————————–

-Culture of Cooperation + Eco-Villages – Slides & Video      —————————————————–

-______________________________________________    _________________________________________________

-______________________________________________    _________________________________________________

-______________________________________________    _________________________________________________

Please provide your feedback on the sessions listed above, then ponder and add your suggestions and possible speakers in the blank spaces above. And, if you have more comments, please add them below. We'd love to hear what you have to say – both for the Winter Series as a mid-week supplement to the Permaculture Course and/or as a way to meet and inform/encourage new Permaculture friends and allies. If you are a recent PDC grad – how you liked the concept of evening talks, how many you attended and why yopuattended/did-not- attend certain dates or topics.

Thanks to all for your help. We like to put on the APG Winter Series of Talks – we want them to be of value to Permaculture folks and to appeal to a wide, wide Austin/C-TX audience.


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