The Importance of Education on Earth Day and Beyond

TDS Shovel
World's Largest Shovel, photo courtesy of Texas Disposal Systems

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One of the most important elements of Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd, is education. While people understand it is important to recycle and compost, it isn’t always common knowledge what exactly is recyclable and compostable. This Earth Day and beyond, TDS aims to equip the community with lifelong tools and knowledge to reduce its waste footprint and divert materials from the landfill, and encourages you to do your part to educate others.

This Earth Day, TDS is participating in a handful of events in the Austin area to spread education and awareness on waste processes to divert as much material as possible from the landfill. While this is an important day, TDS wants to spread education beyond Earth Day to make an impact every single day.

On Saturday afternoon, TDS will be participating in the Girlstart Girls in STEM Conference. Over 500 girls in 4th through 8th grade from across Central Texas will attend the conference to participate in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) related workshops. TDS works with organizations like Girlstart to instill the importance of waste education and the critical role of STEM in the industry, at a young age to make the planet a better place.

TDS will also have a presence at Earth Day Austin, where the company will educate the public on the importance of reusing materials. On display will be the Guinness World Record’s largest shovel. This 40’8”, 5,000 pound shovel was created completely from discarded metal and wood, reclaimed from the TDS landfill.

Next week, TDS will be announcing an exciting partnership with local schools. TDS works with more than 336 schools to implement campus-wide recycling, plus compostables collection in cafeterias. The company has been working with Central Texas schools for 13 years to incorporate recycling and composting education, but is expanding and formalizing the process to include a curriculum, supplemental materials, and more. TDS makes a year-round effort to educate students and work with schools to divert waste to beneficial uses. By educating students about recycling and composting at a young age, we hope they will better understand the importance of minimizing waste and develop lifelong habits that further our goal of keeping materials out of the landfill.

TDS is committed to educating the communities it serves to raise broader public awareness about the importance of minimizing waste. This Earth Day, TDS encourages you to adopt best practices that encourage better waste habits year-round. TDS values its role as an environmental steward within the community to preserve natural resources and the environment for future generations, and we hope you’ll join us as we seek to make a difference this Earth Day and every day.



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