$720 Million Transportation Bond Podcast

What’s going on with that transportation bond everyone was talking about back in June? Now that City Council is returning from its summer recess, things are heating up again, which means that now is a time for an update.

If you remember, at the end of June City Council voted to direct city staff to prepare ballot language for a $720 million transportation bond package. That bond package includes money for bike lanes, road improvement projects, and so-called “smart corridors” that the mayor has been strongly advocating for.

This month, City Council will have to review the staff’s ballot language and then approve it before it can officially go before voters this November.

But what does all of that actually mean? What are smart corridors exactly? Why was $720 million chosen as the dollar amount? We asked all of these questions and more to John-Michael Cortez, with Mayor Steve Adler’s office, on a recent episode of Shades of Green talk radio.

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