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Austin Water 100 Years

The City of Austin is thinking big on water. Together with the city’s water utility, Austin Water, they’re leading an effort to develop a 100-year water supply and demand management plan. The process has been dubbed Water Forward and is supported by a citizen task force that is already hard at work reimagining Austin’s water future. Their goal is to think big in order ensure that Austin has a diversified, sustainable, and resilient water future into the next century.

Why do we need a new water plan? Our current system isn’t working efficiently and the situation will only get worse as climate change continues to impact Central Texas. Take the Highland Lakes for example. They are the city’s main water source, and yet, in an average year they lose about as much water to evaporation as the entire city consumes.

That is not sustainable. That’s why the task force is thinking up brand-new ideas to use water smarter than ever before. But they need your help. They’re collecting public input on water priorities and values with an online survey, which you can fill out from now through September 7th. More info>>

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