5 Things You Can Clean In 5 Minutes… The Green Way


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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often don’t feel like we have time to clean anything (especially in a city like Austin, where something fun and exciting is always going on). For those days when you only have a few minutes, don’t let them go to waste! Here are five things you can clean in five minutes or less, from your friends at the Austin-based cleaning company, It’s Cleaning Time!

  1. Your microwave​ – Since the inside of the microwave isn’t visible with the door shut, it often gets overlooked. That is, until you’re completely exhausted and want to heat up some leftovers. Avoid the frustration by adding cleaning it to your routine. It can be done while you make your morning cup of coffee! All you need to do is slice a lemon in a bowl, add some water, and microwave on high for one minute. The steam will loosen up any grease and grime that has accumulated, and you can simply wipe it off with a paper towel or sponge. If there are some tough spots, just repeat the process. Be careful though, the water and bowl will get very hot.
  2. Your bed​ – You can transform the entire feel of your bedroom in only a few minutes just by making the bed each morning. It will make your bedtime routine more relaxing, and really makes the space seem cleaner and more pulled together. If you have issues with acne or breakouts, be sure to change out the pillowcases every day. Bacteria can accumulate on your pillowcase and cause pimples, especially if you have oily skin. Sheets and comforters can be changed less often, to conserve water.
  3. Your toilet​ – If you take the time to clean your toilet when you have a few free minutes, it saves you from having a bigger job later on. Wipe down the tank and bowl with an environmentally-friendly cleaner, and give the inside of the bowl a quick scrub with the toilet brush – don’t forget under the rim! The toilet is to the bathroom what the sink is to the kitchen – if it’s dirty, the whole room will seem dirty. If you only have time to clean one thing in the bathroom, pick the toilet. You may even have a few seconds to spare to light a candle.
  4. Your countertop – ​Really, any work surface will do. Whether it’s the kitchen counter, the coffee table, or a desk, cleaning a countertop or table makes a huge impact and takes very little time. Remove or organize the clutter and give it a quick wipe down with your favorite green cleaning product. Keeping baskets or other containers handy is a great idea for speeding up this task. If you notice that clutter tends to accumulate in the same spots, make it easier for yourself by putting organizational tools in those places. For instance, if you tend to have mail pile up by the front door, put a container nearby for important papers or bills, and a waste basket for junk mail. The easier you can make a task, the better; it makes it much more likely to get done!
  5. Your whole house!Pick up the phone and call It’s Cleaning Time! (512-751-0565) to schedule a time for us to do all the work for you. We use environmentally-friendly products that are safe for kids and pets, and offer specialty services such as high dusting and deep cleaning.


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