Austin’s Zero Waste Grocery Store Is Closing


After five years in business, Austin’s zero waste grocery store, in.gredients, is closing its doors on Friday

On its Facebook page, in.gredients said the following…

“To be honest, we’re heartbroken. But don’t lose heart. For over five years, we have diverted waste from landfills, supported local growers and artisans, brought people together and helped Cherrywood live a little bit healthier. Each and every one of you has been a part of that.

The zero waste movement is still GROWING. Since we came on the scene as the nation’s first zero waste grocery store, many more have sprung up all over the country. We must all continue to choose and demand local, sustainably sourced, ethically manufactured and responsibly (un)packaged products. It’s not possible for this country, or this planet, to continue with business as usual for long. The fight continues – we must work hard to create a better future, together.”

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