I Want to Eat Organic Food But How Can I Afford It?

I Want to Eat Organic Food But How Can I Afford It?

January is a time for resolutions, many of which focus on health and finances. To help people get off to a good start on their goals this year, I want to discuss a topic that comes up frequently as we chat with other parents. How the heck is it possible to eat organic food when finances are tight?

We’ve been able to switch almost all of our food purchases to organic items without increasing the money we spend on food. Here is what helped us:

Family Friday: (Watching) For the Birds

Lucas Miller begins the new year with another fun and inexpensive activity that will get you and your kids out into nature. The Christian Science Monitor’s gardening section recently shared planting advice in Annuals and Perennials that Attract Birds to Your Yard so, if you have wee ones, know you can also explore the world of birding by bringing nature to you. This month I’m thinking about birdwatching, or just “birding” as it’s usually called by the pro’s. Yes, there are professional birdwatchers.

Book People Hosting Jill Richardson

Tonight Book People is hosting Jill Richardson, activist and author of Recipe for America: Why Our Food System is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It and the blog LaVidaLocavore.org, for a discussion and food tasting. The event will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 tonight and is co-sponsored by Edible Austin. This event will feature farm fresh veggies and cheeses from the Austin Farmers’ Market and Rio’s Brazilian cheese breads. Locally brewed beverages from Saint Arnold’s Brewing and Zhi Tea will also be available.

Seven Natural Cold Remedies

We spent the last half of October not only preparing for Halloween but also dealing with various illnesses. First we faced the flu, which swept through my eldest daughter’s class and infected all the kids and both teachers over the course of five days. Both our daughters caught it but fortunately had mild cases. Just as things were wrapping up on the flu front, however, Richard caught a cold, which quickly morphed into an awful upper respiratory illness complete with hacking cough. The cold lasted much longer than the flu so we’ve had lots of chances to implement our favorite natural cold remedies and try out some that were new to us. Most of them would also help with the flu. If you have sickos at home, I hope you find some relief for your family members here!

Here are the seven natural cold remedies that made the biggest difference for our family:

Aspartame as Ant Poison

Those of you who have lived in Austin for any length of time will understand my animosity towards fire ants. With all the incredibly welcome rain we’ve had in the last few weeks, fire ant mounds have been popping up all over town. To help anyone who is looking for child- and environment-safe options for dealing with fire ants, I wanted to revisit a post on using aspartame as ant poison.

Five Money (and Environment) Savers

Many folks think that living a green lifestyle is simply a luxury they cannot afford. I was surprised to find that we were able to make many green choices on our limited budget. How, you ask? Here are the five biggest money savers we’ve found.