Cap Metro Launches A Ride-Hailing App Of Its Own

Pickup By CapMetro

*Update – The Pickup app is now live and available to riders in the pilot program area.*

Recognizing the popularity of ride-hailing apps (like Uber, Lyft, RideAustin, Fasten, etc), Capital Metro is experimenting with bringing ride hailing to public transportation. On June 6th, Cap Metro will be launching a new Pickup app, which allows users to request on-demand service that will take you directly from your doorstep to your destination. Plus, for a limited time, they’ll be offering the service free of charge.

Here’s how it works:
For now, Pickup is only a pilot program, so Cap Metro is only launching it in a select area of Northeast Austin (which includes Mueller, Capital Plaza, Coronado Hills and University Hills, and Cameron Road near Dobie Middle School). You can check out the entire service area here>>

The app is also programmed to facilitate carpooling by grouping similar rides together. The idea is simply to test out the concept of integrating ride-hailing apps with public transportation. Cap Metro will then collect data and use their research from the pilot to determine how best to use these services in the future.

Pickup by CapMetro will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9am to 6pm. All you have to do to participate is download the app (available now for Apple and Android on your phone’s app store as Pickup by CapMetro) and starting on June 6th, you’ll be able to book a ride and be picked up within 15 minutes. Anyone without access to a smartphone can simply call 512-369-6200 to arrange a pickup. More info>>

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