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Help Johnson’s Backyard Garden Harvest Potatoes

Come help Johnson’s Backyard Garden harvest potatoes this Saturday, May
9th or next Wednesday May 13th from 8am to 1pm! We grow a wide
assortment of organic vegetables, herbs and flowers for our community
supported agriculture (CSA) and certified organic farm. The CSA concept
is based on the model that customers/shareholders invest in the farm and
share in the harvest over the course of the season.

In exchange for your help, you’ll receive a share of our farm’s freshly
harvested organic vegetables. This week, we are planning on including

Upcoming Workshops – Sustainable Food Center

Upcoming Workshops through Sustainable Food Center

Workshops are free unless otherwise indicated. Registration is required –
call 236-0074 x105 or email jess at To find out
about more events, go to

Learning the Medicine Wheel
Saturday, May 9, 10am-1pm
Alma de Mujer Center, 13621 FM 2769

Come out to Alma de Mujer and learn about the Nahui Ollin Medicine Wheel
garden, both its concept and its use. We will discuss traditional approaches