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Small Steps, Big Change

Small Steps, Big Change

‘Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something’
You don’t have to completely change your life in one weekend to help change the world. But you have to do something. Then you have to do something else. You just have to.


rom: Doc JODY

The Sunset Valley PermaCulture House (SVPH) is accepting applications
currently from interns seeking to reside in the City’s premier
sustainable-living environment. Interns may earn Certificates of
Achievement at 3-, 6- & 12-month stages for accomplishments in a variety of
green-living applications, e.g.: sustainable rainwater harvesting &
purification, urban utility usage conservation, greenhouse & straw-bale

Center for Corporate Sustainability Summit

The Center for Corporate Sustainability Summit will be held in Austin
next week, May 28 & 29

Living in Austin you have a whole range of options for participating
from participating in person at the Hilton Austin to watching it
online, or attending as little as one Luncheon/Town Hall/Media Forum. (the items in bold are those most
likely to apply to you)

Premiere Summit On-Site Attendee ($995.00)

Premiere Summit On-Site Attendee w/ Carbon Emissions Reduction

Our City, Our Lakefront and Our Views, here today, gone tomorrow?

From: “Jeff Jack”

Friends of

City Council to decide the fate of the shores of Lady Bird Lake this
coming Thursday, May 21, 2009

Each day when we travel around our great city, we know it is unique,
it is NOT anywhere USA. We can feel that it is apart of Texas and Not
any other state. But what gives us this sense of place? To many of us
it is the scenic expanse we unconsciously understand, the beauty of a
sky reaching to the horizon along the tree line that gives us a

Texas Parks & Wildlife needs Volunteers to introduce kids to the outdoors

From: “Trey Hamlett”

Texas Parks & Wildlife needs Volunteers to introduce kids to the

Who: We need volunteers to work morning (9:30am to 1:30pm) or
afternoon (12:30pm to 3:30pm) shifts.

What: Texas Parks and Wildlife will be providing Backyard Bass Fishing
Activity and will feature the Take Me Fishing Trailer with hands-on
activities as well as rock climbing, archery, camping skills, and Sea
Life Mysteries activities. We are partnering with the Active
Lifestyle Tour to expose kids and families to healthy outdoor

permaculture principles applied to industry

Hi Everyone,

Paul Hawken’s book The Ecology of Commerce has a description of an industrial park in Denmark where every company’s waste products become inputs for another company, resulting in a zero-waste closed-loop system. Although Hawken never uses the word “permaculture,” the following is an excellent example of how permaculture design principles can (and should) be applied to industry and commerce:

Onion Harvest Help Needed

We grow a wide assortment of organic vegetables, herbs and flowers for
our community supported agricultural operation (CSA). The CSA concept is
based on the model that customers/shareholders invest in the farm and
share in the harvest over the course of the season. Currently, we have a
waiting list for new CSA members, but we do have Workshare memberships
available. A workshare member is someone who works from 8am to 1pm on a
Saturday or Wednesday in exchange for a week share of the farm’s produce
(typically 8 – 10 seasonal vegetable items, a $30.00 value).

Texas Green Network – Meeting at Farmers Market, Wednesday, May 27th & TGN May Newsletter

From: Reed Sternberg

Hi Everyone,

The *Texas Green Network May Meeting* is going on this:

*Wednesday, May 27th 4-7pm*

*Austin Farmers Market at the Triangle*

*46th & Lamar (Info at*

*Please RSVP at **rsvp at* **

This month, TGN joins forces with the *Austin Farmers Market* and *Sustainable
Food Center* for our May meeting. Join us for a great array of locally
grown foods and beverages and check out the market in full swing.

Cool House Tour Volunteer Call to Action!

From: Lucy Stolzenburg


*The 13th Austin Cool House Tour*

*June 28, 2009, 10:00am-6:00pm*

*Hello Friends of the Austin EcoNetwork,*

*The 13th annual Austin Cool House Tour is Sunday June 28, from 10:00 AM-
6:00 PM. We have 12 great projects that highlight the best in energy
efficient home design, construction and style, and we need your help.*

*TXSES schedules two volunteers, per 3 hour shift, to sit outside each
project, check for ticket/guidebooks, answer general questions and sometimes

Wildland volunteer opportunity may 24

To learn more about any of these events, go to

Wildland Conservation Volunteer Stewardship Days

Juniper removal (Savanna Grassland Maintenance) – Slaughter

Date and Time: Sunday May 24, 8:30m to 12pm.

Location: Slaughter Creek tract, near intersection of Slaughter Ln and
FM 1826 in SW Travis County. Directions will be sent upon registration.