Celebrating The Simple Pleasures Of Summer: Dove Springs Swims

In the midst of a chaotic world where we all lead busy lives and the news is almost never positive, sometimes it can be nice to take a step back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Spending time with friends and family. Jumping into a pool on a hot summer day.

That’s what Dove Springs Swims is all about. A community-based dance show, Dove Springs Swims is choreographed by Forklift Danceworks and performed by the people who make Dove Springs Pool great.

“We’re inspired by the work that sustains our daily lives,” says Krissie Marty, associate choreographer with Forklift Danceworks. That inspiration comes through in Dove Springs Swims, which beautifully honors the lifeguards and maintenance workers who have great pride in the work they do each day to keep Dove Springs Pool up and running.

The show is also meant to showcase the community of Dove Springs, from the father who loves playing with his kids in the water to the community activists who are constantly pushing to make their neighborhood a better place to live.

The professional choreographers at Forklift Danceworks worked with the people in the neighborhood to create a dance performance that takes place within Dove Springs Pool itself. Krissie says that she hopes the performance helps people understand how special pools are to the community, especially in light of Austin’s aging aquatic infrastructure.

Dove Springs Swims is part of a larger three-part series from Forklift Danceworks (and several other community partners) called “My Park, My Pool, My City.” The goal is to highlight the importance of pools (especially in East Austin) and to draw attention to the fact that many are over 50 years old and in desperate need of funding and repairs.

“I can’t imagine a Texas summer without getting in the water,” says Krissie.

Dove Springs Swims will be taking place this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. You can reserve your free tickets here.

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