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Introducing Lettuce, where we believe convenience and efficiency in the food industry has had a nasty habit of sacrificing quality, freshness, and nutritional value. In addition to the inherent problem that this has created, it has also created a severe disconnect between people and the food that nourishes their bodies.

Lettuce is working to bridge that gap. In our closed-loop, sustainable business model we grow food within Austin city limits, and pack it into highly-nutrient dense meal kits designed to feed Austin residents for less. The zero-waste aspect of our business model comes into play with our subscribers participating in our composting program; it’s as simple as putting their kitchen scraps into our reusable containers and putting them outside for pickup when they get their next delivery.

Lettuce Meal Kit
Lettuce Meal Kit

Lettuce does not sacrifice quality, freshness, or nutritional value in the name of convenience and efficiency. In fact, we embrace all of it! Through growing locally, and locally sourcing anything we can’t grow, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our produce as well as providing a convenient customer experience with delivery to their door.

We are also passionate about connecting the next generation of kids with the food that they eat. We want kids to understand that food comes from growing in the ground, not by just appearing magically in the grocery store. Our rapidly growing schools program puts farms on unused school land and provides 10 percent of the proceeds back to the PTA. We also provide educational opportunities for students about gardening and farming.

Lettuce School Program

Another aspect of connecting people to the food they eat is our mini-farm installation and urban farming kit program. Homeowners and businesses have mini-farms installed on their property with everything they need for success, and then subscribe to our monthly package with everything they need to care for their garden. All a customer needs is at least 40 square feet, and a passion for nutritious home-grown produce!

At Lettuce, there’s a way for every person in Austin to connect to the food we eat. Whether it’s a meal-kit subscriber, or a gardener, or even a child learning about how food grows, we are on a mission to connect the modern consumer to what is ending up on their dinner table. Lettuce show you how we do it by visiting!

Please note – editorials and sponsored posts are written by guest writers to inform and educate the community on a variety of different viewpoints, as well as to share information about local eco-friendly businesses and organizations. However, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Austin EcoNetwork. 

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