Coal, Climate, and Justice

Eagle Pass Rally
photo by Vanessa Ramos

Last year, the controversial Dos Republicas coal mine was given permission to renew and expand its wastewater permit. Why does that matter?

The people
First of all, several Native groups have come out in strong opposition to the coal mine, saying that it’s operating on sacred ancestral land and that they weren’t properly notified before the mining began.

The pollution
Activists and local residents alike have also raised concerns over the localized air and water pollutionfrom the coal mining operation. The mine is very close to Elm Creek, which feeds into the Rio Grande River and is used by local residents for food, sport, and recreation.

The climate change
The coal that is being mined at Dos Republicas is such a low-grade that it isn’t even used in the United States and is instead shipped across the border to Mexico.

So what’s happening now?
hearing on the Dos Republicas coal mine and its wastewater permit is being held in Austin on Thursday, October 5th. In response, a group of local environmental organizations (including the Sierra Club’s Environmental Justice Team and Equilibrio Norte) are organizing a peaceful gathering (at 1:15pm) followed by a press conference (4pm) and a community dinner (at 6:30pm). You can learn more here>>

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