Our Desired Future: Water and Drought In Texas

Our Desired Future

Water. For human beings, it’s pretty much the most important resource out there. But who is in charge of managing it? Who is in charge of making sure we don’t run out of it? Who owns the water?

In Texas, these are some pretty complicated questions that are coming under increased scrutiny as the impacts of drought and climate change become more clear. That’s why a group of local researchers, photographers, and storytellers desired to tackle the questions head-on with a new project called, “Our Desired Future.” 

In doing this work, the team traveled throughout the state, tracking the flow of groundwater and interviewing landowners and towns who have been affected by complicated and sometimes controversial water policies.

Want to learn more? You can explore Our Desired Future’s work at a new traveling exhibit which will be at Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center through March 15th. With photos, stories, and maps, the exhibit examines the interconnections between water above and below ground in Texas. More info>>

Plus, on Wednesday, March 7th the Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center will be hosting a moderated panel discussion on groundwater conservation efforts in Travis County. More info>>

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