Driving Electric Transportation In Texas

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Decades ago, a group of forward-thinking Texans got together and decided to start advocating for renewable energy production in Texas.

Today, Texas leads the entire nation in the production of wind power, ranking sixth in the world in terms of wind energy production.

Now, many of those same people who advocated for renewable energy have their eyes set on another target – electric transportation.

Last week marked the official launch of the Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance (or TxETRA for short). TxETRA was founded by many of the same individuals who played a hand in creating the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association/Alliance (TREIA). 

Why electric transportation?
When it comes to carbon emissions (and climate change) the focus is slowly starting to shift from just electricity production to including transportation as well. Why? Just look at Austin.

Our electric utility is on track to get 65 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2027. That means that combined with our nuclear energy resources, Austin Energy could be a carbon-free utility in the near future.

However, when it comes to transportation, it’s a completely different story. The transportation sector accounts for about a third of our city’s greenhouse gas emissions and yet, we don’t really have a plan in place for reducing them.

That’s where TxETRA comes in. They’re looking for more people to join them in advocating across the state for electric transportation policies and increased electric transportation adoption. You can learn more here>>

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