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MOD Bikes
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The MOD Bikes Mantra at SXSW?

“Wow, thats beautiful. Man, that’s cool.”

Each day of the SXSW Mobility Showcase we heard those words as the movers and shakers of the tech world admired the design of two MOD Bike Models in particular- The MOD Easy and the MOD Black. Literally craning their necks to get a look as they passed, expo guests were halted by the visual appeal of the Easy, excited by the power of the Black, then shocked by the practicality of the City models. Why is that important to know? Because as of this month, you can rent any of these models from the MOD Bikes storefront on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Just in time for your out-of-town guests! To complete the experience, the MOD Maps new exploration tool offers self-guided bike-friendly routes to Austin’s hottest spots and hidden gems.

MOD Bikes
MOD Bikes Easy Model, photo via MOD Bikes

“It was rewarding to see the responses to each model we offer, and supported our decision to offer ALL of our models for rental in the field. We recognize that one model isn’t perfect for everyone. If we hope to encourage biking as a primary mode of transportation, guests need access to the right model for their purpose. We believe MOD Bikes represents not just the mobility solutions of the future, but also the lifestyle people are hoping to achieve. It’s about eco-minded, user-friendly transportation, but it’s also about discovering great design, and a sense of fun, which is why we’ve developed MOD Maps,” says founder and engineer Dor Falu Korngold.

“MOD Bikes offers a wide variety of models available for rental. Our full line of accessories, road bikes, mountain bikes, foldables, cruisers, and commuter models are all here for guests to take out. MOD Bikes offers a unique ride like you never experienced before. It’s a safer and better engineered option designed to maximize the rider’s experience. With MOD Bikes, you have people to call, an on-site shop for maintenance needs, and a face to face interaction. Hospitality will always be at the forefront of our brand.”  adds Korngold.

MOD Bike Rentals

E-Bike enthusiasts can rent any of the straightforward, reliable, low maintenance electric bikes in the MOD Bikes lineup to escape Austin’s notorious traffic and parking fees. Hourly, daily, and weekly rates are available with safety gear and adaptive accessories to customize your ride and style. Locks from Seatylock, Helmets by Bern, and YEPP Child Seats are among the accessories offered. Guests can book online at the MOD BIKES website www.mod-bikes.com, by phone (512-518-3445) or in person.

MOD Bikes Store
photo via MOD Bikes

MOD Maps

As part of the MOD Bikes mission to make alternative transportation solutions accessible, easy, and fun they’ve teamed up with local influencers like “Wandering Austin” and “Keep Austin Young” to develop MOD Maps. MOD Maps proves the endless possibilities and extra benefits of using a MOD Bike as a main means of transportation.  The Maps is a self-guided tool allowing e-bike riders to discover the weirdest, tastiest, and most fun parts of Austin, including kid-friendly routes for a full family experience using MOD’s additional passenger options. 

MOD Maps

About MOD Bikes:

MOD Bikes offers a uniquely engineered line of e-bike models designed to get you out of your car and engaged with your community. MOD Bikes collaborates with like-minded partners to host events and concerts celebrating a shared appreciation for good design, good music, and a sense of adventure. The MOD BIKES storefront offers a full line of MOD Bikes models in addition to accessories and services all available for purchase or rental. MOD BIKES electric bicycles give riders the freedom to explore by pairing old-school values with future vision for right-now mobility.

MOD Bikes electric bikes are engineered in Austin, Texas and inspired by the European Mod culture of the 1960s. Present in the look and feel of our electric bikes and in the way we do business, we’re on a mission to bring back the authenticity, quality, and hospitality of yesteryear. We create forward-thinking, environmentally-friendly transportation solutions that connect people to the communities they love and the journeys that inspire them. Learn more at www.mod-bikes.com  


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