Give Your Input On A New Park In Austin

Seaholm Intake Building

Want to share your ideas for a new three-acre park in downtown Austin? The final open house and community input session for the Seaholm Waterfront and Seaholm Intake Building is on Saturday, December 2nd from 9am to 11am. 

What are the Seaholm Waterfront and Seaholm Intake Building?

Originally built to pump water for cooling into the nearby Seaholm Power Plant in the 1950s, the Seaholm Intake building fell out of use decades ago when the power plant was decommissioned. The building is an example of Art Deco design and is on the National Register of Historic Places. More recently, the Seaholm Power Plant has been renovated and redeveloped and is now the home of businesses like Trader Joes and Athenahealth. More info>>

How can you get involved?

The Austin Parks Foundation, the Trail Foundation, and the Austin Parks and Recreation Department are working together to turn the Seaholm Intake building (and surrounding waterfront land) into a vibrant civic space… and they want your input. That’s what Saturday’s event is all about. You’ll have the opportunity to both see some ideas for the space, as well as give some feedback. More info>>

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