Go Electric For Earth Month

Sponsored Post – from Smart Charge America

Earth Month is always a good time to stop think about how you could be living a more sustainable life… One way to do that is by switching to an electric vehicle. After all, transportation is responsible for about a third of Austin’s greenhouse gas emissions!

After you’ve made the big switch to electric, Smart Charge America is here to help you install a fast and efficient vehicle charger right in your own home. Owned and operated by a team of electric vehicle drivers and electricians, Smart Charge America is dedicated to making electric vehicle ownership as easy as possible.

If you’re interested in getting an electric vehicle charging station installed in your home, simply fill out this form and Smart Charge America will be in touch.

PS – Haven’t yet purchased an electric vehicle, but are thinking about it for your next car? Austin Energy has a series of resources available online to help you out. 

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