Growing A Bright Green Future

Bailey Middle School Greenhouse
photo from the City of Austin Office of Sustainability

Sponsored Post – from the City of Austin Office of Sustainability

Looking for a little dose of inspiration? Check out what the students at Bailey Middle School have been up to. After receiving several Bright Green Future Grants from the City of Austin Office of Sustainability, students (and parent volunteers) decided to take their gardening program to the next level. By leveraging the success of early grant dollars, they were able to go out and get the funding to build a school greenhouse and start growing native trees, cultivated to withstand extreme Texas weather.

Using Air-Pots, students were able to grow trees that require less water and are able to absorb more water and nutrients every time it rains. In the fall, the trees will be sold in order to raise more funds for the greenhouse and school gardening program. Their goal is to create a truly self-sufficient farm on campus.

Students and volunteers also plan to educate the public about tree growing and care, including when to plant, the proper depth and dimension for the hole, how to fertilize the soil, and how much watering is needed. More info>>

About the Bright Green Future Grant:
Sponsored by the City of Austin Office of Sustainability, the Bright Green Future grant program is designed to recognize and support innovative projects that will inspire students to become lifelong environmental stewards. Schools can receive up to $3,000 for a wide array of sustainability projects, such as composting systems, rainwater harvesting, organic gardens, rain gardens, bicycle academies, and wildlife habitats. More info>>

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