Happy Drive Electric Week!

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When you look at the chart that shows where Austin’s greenhouse gas emissions come from, there is one category that stands out. Transportation accounts for about a third of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions… it’s also the most difficult sector to tackle.

Austin Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Austin’s greenhouse gas emission sources

Why? Well, in large part, Austin is still a very car-centric city. Each day there are thousands of people driving around in their private vehicles, releasing emissions and causing traffic. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to change the behavior of each and every one of these people. Change in the transportation sector doesn’t often come quick.

This is where electric vehicles could come into play. Although electric vehicles don’t do much to solve our city’s traffic problems, they can reduce both local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Worried about where to plug in? In Austin, you can gain access to the city’s more than 250 charging stations for less than $5 a month with the Plug-In EVerywhere program. More info>>

Want to learn more about electric vehicles? Then be sure to check out Austin’s National Electric Drive Week event this Saturday, September 16th from 9am to 1pm at the Sunset Valley Farmers Marketat the Tony Burger Center. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with real electric vehicle owners, and even test drive a few cars. It’s the perfect opportunity to get all your EV-related questions answered. More info>>

National Drive Electric Week (September 9th – 17th) is an initiative (supported by organizations like the Sierra Club) that aims to educate people about the benefits of driving electric vehicles. More info>>

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