Inevitable Reckoning

Inevitable Reckoning

A steady stream of acid slowly drips down a limestone pyramid. A glass of clean water hangs from a noose. A pyramid made of ice quickly melts and collapses.

These are the hallmarks of a new art exhibit, dubbed “Inevitable Reckoning,” at the Dimension Gallery in east Austin. The exhibition, created by local artist Nick Schnitzer, is meant to dramatically highlight and showcase examples of environmental degradation that normally take place over hundreds of years and out of sight from most Americans.

Acid Drip
One of Nick Schnitzer’s pieces in “Inevitable Reckoning.” Acid drips down this limestone pyramid, slowing washing it away.


Inevitable Reckoning
One of Nick Schnitzer’s pieces in “Inevitable Reckoning.” Unveiled to the public on opening night of the exhibit, this pyramid made up dirt and ice collapsed once the ice melted.


One of Nick Schnitzer’s pieces in “Inevitable Reckoning.” Inspired by the water crisis is Cape Town, South Africa, this piece includes a glass of water hanging by a noose with a countdown timer to the day when Cape Town will run out of water.

In creating this exhibit, Nick wanted not only to create some really impactful art, but also to merge the worlds of artists, scientists, and environmental activists in Austin. That’s why he’s hosting a series of workshops at the gallery in partnership with local environmental organizations.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

Both of the workshops are free, open to the public, and family-friendly. They’re also a great way to explore Nick’s work up close. The Dimension Gallery is open Saturdays from noon to 6pm and the exhibition runs through May 12th. More info>>

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