Introducing our Newest AEN Partner… the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Sponsored Post – with the Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore

There are lots of reasons to love the Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Not only are they our newest AEN Partner, but they also work hard everyday to reduce waste in Austin, all while creating affordable home ownership opportunities in our rapidly growing city.

Here’s how it works. The ReStore (located on W. Ben White Boulevard) accepts donations of new and used building materials, furniture, appliances, and fixtures in working condition from remodeling jobs, business closeouts, contractors, builders, and garage sales. A lot of the time, this means that the ReStore is home to all manner of undiscovered treasure, especially for the DIYer or crafty homeowner. (And if you’ve got other goodies that you’d like to give away, you can drop them off at the ReStore as well. They also accept clothes, shoes, and electronics. They’re basically your one-stop-donation-drop).

Austinites are then able to purchase materials from the ReStore, like you would at a Home Depot or anywhere else. The difference is that 87 cents of every dollar of revenue from the ReStore funds Austin Habitat for Humanity’s programs. This means that when you shop at or donate to the ReStore, you help build a better, more affordable Austin. (Plus the ReStore roof is covered in solar panels!). More info>>

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