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Nature. What role does it play in our national culture? How did it impact the very founding of America? And what does it mean for us today, as our country becomes more and more urbanized?

These are the questions that Dr. Kevin Anderson is exploring all year with his “Nature And The American Mind” lecture series, which we are now proud to announce is available on the Nature In The City podcast on The Nature In The City podcast is sponsored by the Community Trees Division within the City of Austin Development Services Department.

Anderson is a geographer and philosopher who manages the Austin Water Center For Environmental Research. Each month, he delivers a free public lecture unpacking the role of nature in the American mind at various locations around town.

This month’s lecture is entitled, “Resilient Nature: Discordant Harmony and the New Ecology.” You can catch it live on Wednesday, April 25th from noon to 1pm at the University of Texas.

Or you can find podcasts of that lecture and all of the others in the series online. Stay tuned for a new lecture and podcast each month!

The Nature In The City podcast is now available online.

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