More Renewable Energy For Austin

Wind Power

More renewable energy is coming to Austin. Our city’s publicly-owned electric utility, Austin Energy, just signed to a contract to bring 200 MW of additional wind power online. Once it’s operational, the new wind farm will produce enough electricity to power 54,000 households. This will allow Austin Energy to get about 47 percent of its electricity from renewable resources, which puts it well on its way to meet the city’s goal of 55 percent renewable energy by 2025.

Plus, this contract has the added benefit of being coastal wind, which is different than other contracts Austin Energy has signed for wind power coming from west Texas. The wind that is generated on the coast tends to generate more energy during the day when demand is high, as opposed to west Texas wind, which blows strongest at night. As Austin Energy explained in a press release, this means that coastal wind could bring in additional revenue for the utility, as well as reduce the risk for customersMore info>>

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