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Each year, we follow along with Dr. Kevin Anderson, a geographer and philosopher managing the Environmental Research Center for the City of Austin, as he shares his knowledge about the world around us. In 2019, the topic is “The Geography of Flowing Water: Rivers, Streams, Nature, and Culture.”

Dr. Anderson is a geographer and philosopher, researching the nature of urban wastelands. He manages the Austin Water – Center for Environmental Research, a partnership with the University of Texas and Texas A&M University

A full list of lecture dates and locations in Austin is available here.

Nature in the City is a collaboration between multiple City of Austin programs and partner organizations working together to increase our community’s access to nature in our community. We are proud to launch the Nature in the City Podcast – featuring Dr. Kevin Anderson – and hope that it inspires you to connect with our natural world and the City of Austin’s many resources.


Kevin Anderson Ph.D.

Kevin AndersonKevin is a geographer and philosopher researching the nature of, and the nature in, urban wastelands. He studied at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania [BA], Durham University, England, Ohio University [MA] where he taught philosophy and symbolic logic. He received his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Texas at Austin with a dissertation entitled: Marginal Nature: Urban Wastelands and the Geography of Nature. His research interests include sewage treatment, soil ecology, and sustainable agriculture, urban ecology and sustainability, riparian ecology, environmental history, philosophy, and literature. He is a co-founder of the Texas Riparian Association and the Upper Tisza Foundation in northeastern Hungary. He runs the Austin Water-Center for Environmental Research which focuses on soil, sewage recycling, and environmental trace contaminants; rivers, riparian ecology, and alluvial aquifers; cities, biodiversity, and avian ecology.

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Season Two

The Geography of Flowing Water: Rivers, Streams, Nature, and Culture