One Resistance

One Resistance Rally

America inaugurates a new president today. In Austin, the inauguration will be met with several large protests throughout the weekend. One of the largest is being organized by One Resistance, a new non-partisan coalition made up of dozens of local organizations, including the Sierra Club, PODER, and Clean Water Action.

According to their website, One Resistance came together to organize for “justice and dignity for all communities.” This includes advocating for strong environmental protections, including urgent action on climate change and the protection of public lands. One Resistance’s website continues on to say that, “We recognize that communities of color often bear the brunt of environmental racism and a lack of regulation leading to issues such as water scarcity, contamination, negative health impacts, and food shortages.”

The One Resistance Rally and Protest will be held in support of environmental justice, as well as to advance civil, immigrant, and reproductive rights throughout the United States. The event will be held on Friday, January 20th and begin with a march starting at 5pm at Auditorium Shores. More info>>

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