Organizing To Close An Industrial Facility In East Austin

Pure Castings
photo from PODER
After 10 years of organizing for the closure of the Pure Castings industrial metal foundry in east Austin, PODER (People Organized In Defense of Earth and her Resources) announced last weekend that the facility has officially relocated to Lockhart, Texas.

PODER had long raised concerns about the facility because of its proximity to Zavala Elementary School and the potential pollution risks.

Below is a piece of the statement PODER published on its Facebook page in response to the relocation of Pure Castings.

“PODER and community members met with City Council members, health officials and other regulatory agencies to protect the health of the children and the community. PODER held numerous press conferences, protests, door-to-door surveys, created email campaigns, gave presentations and offered toxic tours. PODER never gave up the struggle to protect the children’s and community’s health. PODER was persistent for over ten years in closing Pure Castings.”

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