See The Rainforest Up Close And Personal

Colibri Cloudforest

When it comes to environmental issues, the problems can sometimes seem so big and so far away, it can be difficult to imagine a way to fix them.

Take the protection of the world’s rainforests, for example. The consequences of the loss of such a biodiverse region have been well reported. But how do you actually affect change in a place you’ve never even been to before?

That’s where a new project from the Austin-based Rainforest Partnership comes into play. They have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to study (and ultimately protect) a portion of the Colibri Cloudforest in Peru.

(A Cloudforest is a type of tropical rainforest, usually found at high elevations and characterized by low clouds that often envelope the landscape.)

With their crowdfunding campaign, the Rainforest Partnership hopes to raise $30,000 to install 30 research camera stations in order to conduct the first-ever mammal survey in the region. This data will then be used to support the creation of “the new Bosque de Nubes de Toldopampa Regional Conservation Area, a new UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a management plan for three conservation concession areas, and future potential projects.”

Rainforest Partnership Jaguar

Oh, and the best part? Anyone who sponsors a camera will be sent exclusive wildlife photos directly from “their” camera, providing a rare connection and look into the Colibri Cloudforest.

Want to learn more? The Rainforest Partnership is hosting a meet-and-greet with the scientists and photographers who will be installing the cameras on Thursday, September 6th from 4pm to 7pm. The event will be held at the Rainforest Partnership offices at 800 W 34th St, Suite 105.

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