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Interested in creating a food system that’s actually beneficial to people, animals, and the planet? Want to learn how to do it right here in central Texas?

Then the Earth Repair Corps’“Permaculture Design Course” is just the thing for you!

During the six-weekend intensive course, participants will be introduced to the ethics, principles, and methods of permaculture while learning how to design, create, and maintain agriculturally productive ecosystems and sustainable human settlements.

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What exactly is permaculture?
As Earth Repair Corps Founder Kirby Fry explains in this informational video, permaculture is simply a “design system for sustainable living.” Some hallmarks of permaculture design include an emphasis on soil and water conservation, as well as growing perennial food plants.

The 3 main ethics of permaculture (again, as explained by Kirby Fry) are:

  • Care of the earth
  • Care of all species, including people
  • Return of surplus to the system that created that surplus

Interested in taking the course? Classes begin on September 7thYou can purchase your ticket here>>

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