The Mermaids Are Back

Mermaid Society

As Central Texas grows, it’s not just Austin that is struggling to balance a booming population with a thriving environment. Our neighbors in San Marcos (one of the fastest growing cities in the country) are also trying to find a way to keep up. Their treasured San Marcos River is especially feeling the heat, as liter and development continue to threaten its clear waters.

This is where the mermaids come in. San Marcos has a rich and colorful history with mermaid performers, who used to entertain visitors at Aquarena Springs, a local amusement park that included an underwater theater and a swimming pig. The amusement park was eventually decommissioned and replaced with the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment… but the mermaids are making a comeback.

The organization Mermaid Society SMTX was recently launched in an effort to use the mermaid as a symbol for the city, as well as to remind residents to respect and protect the natural beauty and resources of the river for generations to come.

One of the ways they’re kicking things off is with the inaugural Mermaid Parade on Saturday, September 17th from 10am to noon. The parade will be followed by Mermaid SPLASH, a free festival at San Marcos Plaza Park. The event will include an Eco Village, Artisan Alley, live music, and more… so save the date! More info>>

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