The Purple Martins Are Back!

purple martins

Ready to watch one of the coolest displays of nature right here in Austin, Texas? The purple martins are back in town and ready to show off.

What are purple martins?
Purple martins are migratory birds that stop in Austin each year before they continue on with their voyage to South America. For a few weeks, they pick a random parking lot in the city to roost (rest/sleep) each night, creating a fantastical display as thousands of birds swoop, swirl, and fly overhead.

Want to see them for yourself?
This year, the birds have decided to roost at La Frontera Village in Round Rock. Travis Audubon will be hosting “Purple Martin Parties” in the La Frontera Village parking lot (behind the Applebee’s) every Friday and Saturday night (from 7:45pm to 8:45pm) from July 20th to August 4th.

Just bring a lawn chair and a hat or clear umbrella (birds do like to poop)! More info>>

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