Training For Resiliency In A Changing Climate

Resiliency Training

A few years ago, a local climate scientist did some research and made projections on how climate change might affect our city for years to come.

In that report, it was predicted that the number of hot days (over 100 degrees) could increase to over 80 days per year by 2100.

Incidents of extreme rainfall are also expected to increase in a world increasingly impacted by climate change.

So how do we prepare ourselves? That’s where the “Resiliency In A Changing Climate” workshop comes into play. Hosted by the University of Texas, Zero Waste Network, and Earth Day Austin, the workshop will focus on the effects of climate change, as well as help to you plan ahead and save money while protecting the environment.

The workshop will be held on Thursday, August 9th from 10am to 4pm at the Impact Hub in south Austin. You can RSVP here>>

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