Travis County Commissioner Election: Green Points of View

Shades of Green Commissioners Studio

Primary elections are being held on Tuesday, March 1st here in Texas. On a local level, one of the more hotly contested races is for Travis County Commissioner Precinct 1. Last week, the Austin EcoNetwork’s radio partner, Shades of Green, hosted a show featuring some of the commissioner candidates running in the Democratic race.

Guests included:

Other candidates who are running for Travis County Commissioner Precinct 1 (but who were not able to attend the show) include Marc Hoskins (Democrat) and Pat McCord (who is running unopposed on the Republican side).

On the show, the candidates took the time to lay out their environmental platforms, particularly focusing on issues like zero waste, illegal dumping, and environmental justice. Give it a listen below.

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Shades of Green Travis County Commissioners
Shades of Green hosts Stacy Guidry and Amy Stansbury stand with Travis County Commissioner Precinct 1 candidates after last week’s show.
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