Want to bring composting services to your apartment complex/ condo?

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In case you missed it – The City of Austin is starting a free composting pilot program for apartments and condos… and the deadline to apply has been extended to February 14th. 

Wait, what’s this again?

In order to reach its goal of zero waste by 2040, the City of Austin has been working on expanding composting services for the past several years. As of September 2019, 75 percent of Austin Resource Recovery customers have access to curbside composting (and the other 25 percent are expected to get it by the end of this year).

But in Austin, only single family homes (and residences with four units or less) receive Austin Resource Recovery services. If you live in a condo or apartment, it’s up to the landlord or building manager to hire a private hauler and provide you with trash and recycling pickup. As the city ordinance is currently written, they do not have to provide composting services.

As Kaiba White and Public Citizen wrote in a blog posted on the EcoNetwork earlier this month, the city’s “Zero Waste Advisory Commission has recognized this as a fundamental flaw that will prevent Austin from meeting its zero waste goal.”

As a result, the commission has been working with city staff to try and close this loophole. The first step is a pilot program so the city can learn what changes should be made to its ordinances to bring composting services to everyone in Austin.


The pilot program will include up to 20 properties (which will be selected to ensure a good balance of different property characteristics, including size, rental rates, geography, building type and how solid waste services are already provided). Applications are due February 14th and the pilot will run March through August. Property managers will submit all bills for the service to Austin Resource Recovery for reimbursement, making the pilot free for participants.

Applications must be submitted by property owners or their authorized representatives. You can find the application here>>

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