What Makes A Great Beer? Clean Water.

Brewshed Black Star Coop
photo via the Texas Brewshed Alliance
Hops. Grains. What is it exactly that makes a great beer?

According to the Texas Brewshed Alliance, the answer is water.

“Protecting your water is protecting your beer,” says Thomas Waymouth, program director for the Texas Brewshed Alliance, a coalition of breweries, environmental nonprofits, and individuals, all working together to host fun and educational events that raise awareness and funds around land and water conservation issues.

Great Beer Great Water

In a time when our state is growing, more land is being developed, and a changing climate is affecting our water supply, the Texas Brewshed Alliance is trying to make the connection between protecting Texas land/water and protecting Texas’ top-notch beer.

To help illustrate this, the Texas Brewshed Alliance worked with three local breweries  to produce three different versions of the same beer, all made with nearly identical ingredients, except for the water.

They are:

  • Real Ale – Downpour (made from rainwater)
  • Vista Brewing – Well Head (made from the Trinity Aquifer)
  • Black Star Coop – Austin Underground (made from City of Austin Water/ Lake Travis)

Waters of Texas

Want to taste the difference for yourself? There are two upcoming events for you to enjoy:

  • Waters of Central Texas – Friday, September 20th from 6pm to 9pm at Craft Pride. Have the chance to taste all three beers and give back to regional land and water conservation. $2 from each pint sold will go back to the Texas Brewshed Alliance
  • Brewshed Happy Hour & Collaboration Beer Release – Thursday, September 26th from 6pm to 8pm at Vista Brewing. Taste Vista Brewing’s special beer for this series, called the Well Head Lager.
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