What To Do With 1.5 Million Pounds of SXSW Trash And Recycling?

Austin Materials Marketplace SXSW

Sponsored Post – from the Austin Materials Marketplace

Did you know? Over 1.5 million pounds of trash and recycling were collected during SXSW in 2017.

Want to help reduce that number? If you’re an entrepreneur or work for a business/nonprofit organization, you can sign up for the Austin Materials Marketplace.

The Austin Materials Marketplace is an online platform that allows Austinites to connect and find reuse opportunities for waste and by-product materials. It’s basically like a Craigslist for businesses!

This week, the Austin Materials Marketplace is working with SXSW to collect unwanted materials from the trade show and festival. If you’re interested in looking through what they find, sign up for the Austin Materials Marketplace here or log in to your account to start reusing today!

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