Why Whole Foods Gets An F On Its Meat Supply

Mighty Earth

When it comes to buying sustainably sourced meat, Whole Foods gets an F. That’s the conclusion of a report produced by Mighty Earth, which looked at 23 of the country’s largest¬†fast food, grocery, and food service companies. According to the report, “Nineteen companies had no sustainability commitments for mitigating the environmental impacts of their sourced meat whatsoever.”

Of the 23 companies surveyed (which included Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Trader Joes, and Target), Walmart was the only company that didn’t receive an overall failing grade (although they only received a D).

So what’s going on here?
At issue are some of the environmental consequences of large-scale meat production, which include climate emissions, water pollution, and the destruction of rainforests and prairie lands.

In response, Mighty Earth has launched the McWhole Foods Campaign to put pressure on some of our country’s biggest meat buyers (including Whole Foods and McDonalds) to demand better environmental practices from their suppliers.

Earlier this week, AEN Editor-In-Chief Amy Stansbury spoke with a Mighty Earth field organizer who is bringing this campaign to Austin. You can watch a video of the interview below.

Want to learn more about Mighty Earth? You can send them an email at lucas@mightyearth.org or follow them on Facebook.

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