You are officially invited to a more functional democracy

Gather Venue
The "A Beginner's Guide To Local Government" Launch Party will be held here - at Gather Venue in south Austin

You are officially invited to a more functional democracy.

On Tuesday October 2nd, in the year 2018, join your fellow lovers of local democracy to explore, engage, interact, ask questions, confess unknowns, and get ready to vote this November.

Launch Party Invite

Join AEN Editor-In-Chief Amy Stansbury in celebrating the launch of “A Beginner’s Guide To Local Government,” an activity book/zine that teaches Austinites how to get involved in local government and make a difference in their community. Amy created the book in partnership with a team of local artists (Hal Wuertz and Jordan Shade).

The party will include:

  • Comedians performing around civic-related themes (including Adrian Villegas from the Latino Comedy Project and Gentrif*ckedLoverboyOver The Lege, and Meghan Ross)
  • The opportunity to meet real live local elected officials, including Greg Casar (our city’s youngest ever City Council person) and Delia Garza (our city’s first Latina City Council member)
  • Interactive civic art installations
  • Inspiration from local Austin heroes who have led political movements and brought real change to this community
  • The “Beginner’s Guide To Local Government” book of course!!

You can get your tickets here>>

Launch Party

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