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Reuse saves items from the landfill and makes them available to your neighbors, who can use them again! Austin residents are estimated to dispose of $11 million in reusable items annually. That’s why we decided to create the Austin Reuse Directory — brought to you by Austin EcoNetwork, supported by Austin Resource Recovery

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Here’s how you search using the Austin Reuse Directory:

  • Location – the directory automatically sorts the list by location, so you see the stores and organizations that are closest to you first (Please note – this feature only works if you’re connected to wifi. If you’re using a public wifi network, location sorting also might not work correctly).
  • Item – You have two choices for this one.
    • Type the item you want to find a second home for directly into the search bar. (Just remember to try and keep things general. Instead of typing in t-shirt, type in clothing).
    • If the search bar doesn’t turn up any results (or if you’ve got multiple items you’re trying to find a second home for), you can simply select them from the “Items” drop down list.
  • Categories – This allows you to sort based on the services they provide to the community. (For example – do they serve veterans? Or help clothe the homeless?) This way you can be sure your donation is going to a cause you care about.
  • Filter By – This allows you to filter your search by some of the unique services that the reuse business or organization offers. (For example – do they only collect children’s clothing? Or do they offer 24-hour drop off services? Are they a nonprofit organization?)
  • Item quality – For example – Is it a designer good? A piece of clothing with lots of hole and tears? Some organizations will accept almost anything, others are only looking for higher end goods.